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Do you stress over your monthly finances and wonder where it all went?

Are you afraid you won’t be able to retire when and how you want?

Are you confused how to balance competing goals like retirement, college for kids, and caring for aging parents?

Are you feeling stuck and aren’t making the financial progress you wanted or expected?

Hi, I’m Doug. I’ve been there too and have a host of financial life experiences to prove it! Now I help mid-life couples and individuals take charge of their current financial practices so they can build an open, healthy, and positive road map to their financial goals and live the life they want.  Together we can find the small changes that lead to more changes so that you can transform from frustration and doubt to acceptance and possibilities to believing and confidence.

  • Empty nesters and single adults wondering about progress to retirement and other goals.
  • Divorced individuals setting a new course on their own.
  • Couples wanting healthy communication and relationship connection about their finances.
  • People with a burning desire for a shorter-term lifestyle goal but are unsure how to get there.
  • Newly minted mid-life couples combining financial pictures into their unified path.
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I love traveling and to me, travel planning provides a fitting metaphor for the process for setting financial goals and implementing financial plans. Just as in planning a great vacation, road trip, or getaway experience, there are three important components.

  • Where are we today?
  • Where are we going?
  • How, when, and why do we want to get there?

When there’s clarity around those three components, the opportunity for a successful journey greatly increases. Once there’s a plan and purpose, your day-to-day financial experience flows more smoothly and, most importantly, your journey becomes more rewarding and meaningful. It is courageous, relieving, and uplifting to do the work and build a better path for your financial journey.

No matter where you are, that’s where we will start.

Where are you on your financial path?

  1. What? I’m supposed to have financial goals?
  2. I can name my goal and that’s about it.
  3. I’m making effort toward my goal, but don’t know progress.
  4. I’ve looked and know I’m progressing, but don’t know if it’s fast enough.
  5. I’ve looked and know I’m progressing, but also know it’s not enough and what do I do?
  6. I’ve looked extensively and know I’ve got this with full confidence.
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During this 25-minute consultation call, we will explore your circumstances and decide if we are a fit for each other. We’ll talk about what’s on your mind for your financial questions, concerns, and desires; where you want to shift and make progress; and whether a coaching relationship makes sense for you.

Let’s work together so you can breakthrough to new possibilities for your financial health.

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I help people “see around the corner” through real conversations and by guiding the creation of a roadmap. I’ve spent 15 years in financial services building relationships and leading people in new directions and to new outcomes.  I’ve served in two primary roles: as a financial advisor helping individuals with their financial dreams and as a business partner to financial advisors helping them to transform how they serve their clients.  I get excited about making a difference for people, progress to intentions, and abundant living.

Financial Independence

My Commitment To You

I bring humility, compassion, and energy to helping my clients on their own financial journey. Why? Because I’ve been there too. I’ve learned the importance of staying centered by having the right mindset, discipline, outlook, and behaviors. I can help you make the shift  so you can create your desired financial future while overcoming the adversity that life sometimes presents us.


I help people like you who are living real lives with real challenges and real intention around living their best financial selves.

I help people look for those decisions and opportunities to shift their activities day by day on the road toward financial mastery.

I help people look at their controllable choices and take charge of building a healthy financial practice.

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