Financial Self Mastery

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

My Financial Journey

Life is interesting with all of its great adventures as well as twists and turns in areas like careers, marriages, relationships, health, and wealth. I’ve certainly been through a few of those myself: A 19-year marriage that produced two great kids (unbiased!) who are now young adults creating their own adventures; bouncing from coast to coast and the middle of the country to live; and now living in Colorado since 2000, which has allowed me to enjoy the great outdoors with skiing, hiking, biking, and running.

Other things I enjoy include cooking, photography, and exploring all that Denver offers from tasty hole in the wall restaurants to museums to the many activities around the city. Traveling is a weak spot for me and I’m always full of ideas for next places. I’ve traveled to over 25 countries and have toured all of the states in the U.S. except for Alaska, with many places yet to explore on my ever-evolving travel list.

During my life adventures, I’ve experienced many financial highlights and lowlights: Ran a “business” with my brothers selling vegetables and fruit from our big garden and orchard. Earned money through high school to pay for bulk of my college. Took on debt to pay for graduate school. Married and had kids. Divorced and sold the family house in 2010 at the bottom of the real estate market for about $100,000 less than the market value a couple of years before. Downsized twice by big corporations separated by 15 years. Experienced the financial and emotional ride during the bear markets of the DotCom Crash and the Great Recession. Started a business and made less in the first year than I did years ago in my first year out of college, then walked away five years later with $100,000 less.

While married, we had the good fortune to plan ahead and we happily were able to pay 90%+ of the kids’ college costs. I’m now transitioning into the life of an empty nester and starting new endeavors like being an Airbnb host and renewing my travel passions with recent trips to Southeast Asia and finishing out the Lower 48 states with a visit to North Dakota.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Through it all my daily financial practices have helped me survive the big mistakes and achieve meaningful accomplishments while still being on a path to financial independence and having some fun along the way. Imperfect. Yes…and that’s why I’m journeying on The Road Today.

Financial Life Experiences:

  • Divorce and financial recovery
  • Career change to new industry
  • Started a business and walked away poorer
  • Financial hit from forced home sale at bottom of 2010 real estate recession
  • Laid off twice from major corporations
  • Bear markets: DotCom Crash & Great Recession
  • Frugal hacks and intentional lifestyle
  • Paid off graduate school debt in five years
  • Paid 90%+ of kids college expenses
  • Planned and realized gap time travel and began new business
  • Transitioning to empty nester living
  • Created side hustle business as Airbnb host

Professional Career Highlights:

Much of my career experience is in financial services. I’ve spent five years as a financial advisor helping individual clients progress to their financial goals. During my last ten years, I’ve served as a trusted business partner to financial advisors and have guided advisors to transform their business model to better support their clients. Advisors appreciate my consultative approach where I help them “see around the corner” in their business. I accomplish this by questioning and probing their business needs and goals, then position appropriate solutions and guide advisors through business transformation. I’ve had a gamut of experience in relationship building, sales, sales support, and business transformation.

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