Financial Intentions: Can Packing Your Lunch Become a Pot of Gold?

2019-04-29T20:43:12+00:00December 3rd, 2018|Financial Basics, Financial Mindset, Financial Practice|

I enjoy food and good eating. I like to cook a wide variety of good and tasty meals. Ethnic food is definitely a treat to me with all the variety of spice flavors and food combinations. It's a never ending smorgasbord of food tasting opportunity. It's also important to share meals together with family [...]

Financial Practices: What’s in It for You the Reader?

2019-04-29T20:41:57+00:00December 2nd, 2018|Classics, Financial Mindset, Financial Practice|

I've been a reader of financial blogs for a number of years and have learned much from these blogs. I've been able to incorporate bits and pieces from various sites over the years which have been instrumental in my building deeper financial practices. Overall I'm grateful and appreciative of these insights shared by many gifted [...]

The Road Today: Daily Financial Practices and Financial Independence

2019-04-29T20:41:22+00:00December 1st, 2018|Classics, Financial Mindset, Financial Practice|

Life is interesting with all of its twists and turns. Sometimes we plow forward in  life with our head down, then sit up one day only to notice that we are not exactly or even remotely close to where we expected to be in areas like careers, marriages, relationships, health, financial practices, and wealth. [...]

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