I’ve been a reader of financial blogs for a number of years and have learned much from these blogs. I’ve been able to incorporate bits and pieces from various sites over the years which have been instrumental in my building deeper financial practices. Overall I’m grateful and appreciative of these insights shared by many gifted people.

Nonetheless I find myself wanting something a little more, a little different. Perhaps I’ve missed my fellow peer demographic blog writers, but I will often enough think to myself “well my circumstances are different”.

Real and Messy Life Stuff: Impacts to Financial Practice

I’m not a millennial. I’m an early years Gen Xer. I’ve got two kids who had college in their futures with one recently graduated and the other one year away from graduating and paid the bulk of their education. I had a great marriage for most of it, got divorced, and navigated all of its “fun” impacts. I’m in an established lifestyle – things that are important to make happen in my life like traveling. I’ve still got a decent mortgage.

I’ve gone through the emotion and financial roller coaster of two bear markets including the harsh and damaging Dot Com Crash from 2000 to 2002 and the Great Recession from 2008 to 2010.

After my first corporate layout I changed careers and started a business. Five years later I walked away much poorer from my business and headed into a ten year stint with a financial services distributor. I lost that job after my former corporation was sold and took gap time for traveling and starting a side hustle with Airbnb. Now I am building my path forward for income generation.

I will be facing at some point in the future elder care issues for two parents who live in two different parts of the country from me.

Sound Familiar?

That sounds like a whole lot of life in motion. Maybe I do have unique circumstances impacting my financial experience. You might too.

I wonder. I’m curious. I want to better understand how to “do” financial living. You might too.

I don’t even know what I should ask sometimes. I’m not aware of potential future topics that might be coming. I don’t know what I don’t know. You might not either.

Creating Community

What I’d like to accomplish is to engage with readers on creating a community of purposed people who are living real lives with real challenges and real intention around living their best financial selves. Who is that community? People/families who are soon to be sending kids to college, who are starting their empty nester years, or who are pre-retirees. Generally speaking people and families around 45 to 60 years old.

I want to be the instigator, the guide, and the questioner, who starts conversations around various financial practices and creates the space as a community to help each other look for those decisions and opportunities to shift back day by day to the road toward financial mastery…to achieve financial health and independence while living happy and great lives along the way.

The Road Today

I selected the name “The Road Today” originally for a travel blog that I wrote for a recent trip. Back then I did see it as a bigger concept and it really resonates for me. I view people’s relationship with money and finances as a journey. It’s not a one and done event as our relationship with money is a lifetime event. With our attention and effort there’s space and opportunity to shift the journey and the outcomes of our financial practices.

It’s looking at today’s financial practices for tomorrow’s financial independence.  We have choices everyday that we control. Above all if we focus on the day and do our best with an eye to the future, then we can enjoy a healthy financial practice on the road toward financial self mastery.

Here’s to our great adventure!

I help people like you who are living real lives with real financial challenges to breakthrough to new possibilities for their financial health.

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Doug Drenckpohl